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Softwall Sampling Booths

The softwall QC sampling booth provides ISO14644-1:(2015) Class 5 (100) work zone sampling conditions.The sampling booth can be constructed to suit standard pallets or multiple pallets. Flexible sides ensure ease of access and also ensures the clean zone stays within Class 5 conditions.
Softwall Clean Room

Softwall Clean Room

Softwall Clean Room

Softwall Clean Room

QC Sampling Booth

The Clean Air Solutions Ltd Soft Wall QC Sampling Booth will provide an ISO 14644-1:(2015) class 5 (Fed std 209 class 100) clean zone environment for the QC sampling of raw materials in the warehouse/goods in areas.The soft wall sampling booth is suitable for the housing of a standard size pallet containing drums and bagged raw materials.The soft wall sampling booth is mobile, flexible in it’s use and can be transported easily between sampling locations.The sampling booth does not require any ductwork or seperate air handler unit as the HEPA filters and fan systems are self contained.

Key Features

  • HEPA Filter to EN1822 99.999% H14 ULPA
  • Controls monitor air flow and filter conditions
  • Class 5 ISO 14644-1 (2015) in sample zone
  • Lockable castors on all legs
  • Easy to transport
  • Ready to sample within 2 minutes of start up
  • Over 600 air changes per hour
  • Fully mobile, easy to assemble
  • QA sampling for lab or goods in area

Validation and Commissioning

  • Validation and Commissioning to ISO 14644-1:(2015) Class 5
  • DQ,IQ,OQ & PQ documentation included
  • Operator training provided
  • Full validation report in accordance with ISO 14644-1:(2015) and 3
  • Operation and maintenance manuals provided on completion of installation


  • Power supply – 13 Amp 240 Volt 50 HZ
  • Lights – 2 x 4ft single tubes
  • Sizes
    • A) Height 2.1m, Width 2m, Length 1.5m
    • B) Height 2.1m, Width 2m, Length 2m
    • C) Height 2.1m, Width 2.5m, Length 2m
    • D) Height 2.1m, Width 2.5m, Length 2.5m
  • Gauge: 0-500pa Magnehelic
  • Softwalls – Anti-static strip curtains 3mm x 250mm removable strips
2.5 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2.5 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2.5 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2.5 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2.0 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2 Metre x 2 Metre Soft Wall Booth

2.0 Metre Soft Wall Booth

DownFlow and Containment Booths

For dust and vapour control

Clean Air Solutions (Europe) Limited are specialists in the design, build, commission, and validation of Downflow Booths and Containment Booths. Our full package is offered and used by many major companies within the UK, Ireland and Europe, at very competitive costs.

We offer easy solutions to control your dust and vapour in the form of downflow booths, which are of a modular build format – which allows ease of installation and provides less downtime for installation in a busy production area. Our booths are used in Dispensing, Sampling, and Off-loading areas within pharmaceutical, chemical and agri-chemical companies. We have designed, and installed downflow booths for a wide scope of clients – please contact the Sales Team for a full Containment Booth package. We have the expertise required to meet your needs and can offer a full design consultancy for new and existing applications.

Clean Room Validation, Downflow Booths and Soft Wall Sample Booths


The downflow air produced within the booth’s safe work zone area forces sterile air over the operator’s head and shoulders and downward towards the low level exhaust system. The downdraught prevents airborne dusts caused by weighing and dispensing operations rising into the operator’s breathing zone. The air forced downwards is extracted at low level into the booth’s filtration system where dust particles are contained at each level of filtration prior to being recirculated back into the booths’ air stream. The quality of the air within the booth is to ISO 14644-1:(2015) standards – Fed Std 209E.


Where the handling of toxic or harmful chemicals is required, Clean Air Solutions (Europe) Limited can provide a downflow booth with an exhaust to atmosphere extraction system. This type of downflow booth is recognised as a “single pass” airflow booth. Within this type of booth, weighing and dispensing of chemicals can be carried out in the normal way with the air supplied for the downflow coming from an additional fan located on the top plenum. The air is provided from either the booth surrounding area or from outside atmosphere. The low level exhaust airflow will not be recirculated but totally exhausted to atmosphere via suitable ductwork. The exhaust air can have H.E.P.A. or carbon filters fitted to aid control of emissions to atmosphere.


Working from a standard range of booth sizes a number of different configurations of booth design requirements can be achieved, namely:

  • Low level ceiling heights
  • Restricted access to booth location
  • Special filtration needs
  • Powder handling or tipping requirements
  • Electrical wiring to client standards
  • Materials of construction to suit process
Clean Room Booth and Air-lock

Containment Booth with AirLock

Clean Room

DownFlow Booths